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Analytical Japan market demand great hardware product order exuberant

Time:2011-04-26 09:59:16 Hits:3363

    Compared to the " retail" type of general procurement, from the Japanese multinational procurement group sounds maybe can give an enterprise to take tranquilizer. Yesterday, the Canton Fair large transnational corporation to buy will usher in the first Japanese procurement company TRIAL. This home sales in all Japan ranked in the forefront of the large supermarket chains, has sent about 100 people team of procurement, procurement amount is expected to reach US $3000000.

    The overseas development as the height expresses, at present domestic supplies, the demand is extremely high, future purchase will only increase will not be reduced. " Especially the next six months, with the rebuilding, we will improve the scale of procurement." " Japan earthquake need too many goods." Japan China Hong Kong company staff Arakawa Haruko says," Japan 's post-earthquake reconstruction is just beginning, on a variety of merchandise, especially building materials demand growth will last for at least 5 to 10 years."

    Japan South to DIY company building hardware supermarket well-known in Japan, the earthquake, the business grew at least 10%. " Earlier, only our family had at least 30000000 yen to purchase an amount, of which about 90% are from china." Arakawa Haruko says, the Japanese earthquake, poplar plywood sales even turned on the times."

While in the Arakawa Haruko appears, the Japanese retail enterprises enter the Chinese procurement not only because of the earthquake. In fact, the global financial crisis, the retailers direct procurement share has been increasing. Indeed, the fair Quixote, Trial and other types of Japanese retailers are flocking to China, high quality and inexpensive Chinese goods have a great advantage. " We hope the near future can be directly imported products sales ratio increased from 30% to 50%, thus reaching the $1500000000 level, of which the vast majority of commodity will also come to china." Arakawa Haruko says.

    Since the Japanese multinational purchasing giants have been shown on the Chinese great products to buy enthusiasm, so for Chinese foreign trade enterprises, they first need to figure out is: Japan's most need any products? Exported to Japan need to pay attention to what problem?

    " The current domestic most urgently needed a blanket, flashlight, battery, such as food, these materials will be our fair for this time the focus of the procurement." TRIAL overseas development bear peak tells the author. He emphasized that, in view of the Japanese domestic goods in short supply, procurement is more about delivery time, and the price is secondary. " Although the previously conducted a part in China 's orders, but only due to transportation issues and delayed delivery, does not cancel."

    Japanese Quixote, chief Zhu Qiumei expressed similar views. He said, at present some general electrical appliances such as small order may be cancelled, but the daily necessities of life purchase quantity will increase. " Like solar flashlight, emergency lights and other items is the Japanese domestic need, we will need a large number of procurement." Zhu Qiumei said.

    China Chamber of Commerce electrical vice president Yao Wenping to the author that, according to the Electromechanical chamber of Commerce in the Canton fair investigation shows, at present from Japan orders is a considerable part of canceled, but at the same time, domestic diesel generator, water pump, solar flashlight, electric bicycles, hardware products and other types of orders in Japan is very strong.

    The author also learned, always on product quality requirements of Japanese buyers, in view of the current shortage of supplies, procurement quality scale ( especially the relief matter ) has been much relaxed a lot.

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