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Significant Events


2011 Shanghai Uchee Hardware Products Co., Ltd received D&B quality certification on November. 

2010  Shanghai Uchee Hardware Products Co., Ltd received ISO9001:2008 Quality certification on November.         


2009 Awarded with SGS OHSAS18001 & TOSHMS Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certificate in May

           Awarded with Factory Production Control (FPC) requirement of the Building and Construction Authority, Singapore in September
Awarded with International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Certificate on 18th December


2008 Established Chun Yu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. On 10th January



2006 Awarded with AS9100 Quality Management System Certificate on 8th April

         Awarded with Aerospace Fastener Approval certificate on 25th September


2003 Awarded with SGS ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System Certificate on 31st October


2001 Electronic forms and quality inspection database formally used in January


2000 Awarded with SGS ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate in January


1998 Established “Chun Yu (DongGuan) Metal Products Co., Ltd” In April
Awarded with A2LA Laboratory Certificate in April
Established “Shanghai Tongsheng Trading Co., Ltd.” In July
Established “Chun Chan” , “Cho Shin” ., “Photon Formosa Co., Ltd.” In November
Established “Fu Da Tech Co., Ltd” in December, which produces Metal Injection Molding products
Awarded with SGS QS 9000 Quality Management System Certificate in October


1996 Approved by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C to invest in Dongkuan, Guangdong province, China


1995 Established Metal Injection Molding R&D Institute in August in Chicago USA Award RWTUV ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certificate in November


1993 Established “Chun Yu Work(U.S.A)Inc” in January


1991 Chun Yu became publicized on 17th October


1987 Invested wire processing industry and established “Wire Master Works & Co., Ltd”


1986 Imported Continuous Type Spheroidzing Annealing Fumade from Japan
         Kangshan Plant Established on 14th December


1983 Mr. Chun-Yu Lee Passed away on 19th September


1980 Established “Hi-Ace Trading Co., Ltd.” Established “Chun Yu Society”


1979 Adopted electronic system in production control process


1974 Invested machinery industry and established “Chun Zu Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.” Which produces bolts, nuts, and screws production machines, also threaded plate, and tooling dies etc.


1972 Established “P.T. Moon Lion Industries Indonesia” which produces bolts and nuts


1971 LION awarded with superior brand


1965 Restructured to “Chun Yu Work & Co., Ltd.” On 27th March and increased the capital to 3 milion NTD


1955 Expanded production machines and produces bolts, nuts, hex socket screws, and steel bar.


1949 Mr. Chun-Yu Lee established “Chun Yu Works” produced sewing nails, meters, and steel pressing nuts in Kaohsiung, Kangshan.

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